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As I trekked through Joensuu, I ended up walking along the Pielisjoki River.  This was February, so it was frozen over and snow-covered, yet still beautiful.

Pielisjoki River, JoensuuThere are some interesting things along the river too.  Like this:

Pielisjoki River, JoensuuI think the biggest surprise was how much snow there really was.

Pielisjoki River, JoensuuIn case you don’t that’s a good bit of snow, look a little closer at the park bench.

Pielisjoki River, JoensuuJoensuu is 400 some odd kilometers north-east of Helsinki.  And the weather is far different as a result.  Helsinki has had light winters the past two years now.  In fact, the Northeast of the US has had much harder winters for these last two years.  Having said all of that – I was thrilled to be in Joensuu and see some real snow piled up.