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One of the things I like to do when I travel is to wander a bit and be open to finding strange or unique things.  I had that opportunity in Joensuu and I took it.

When I wander, my eyes open to seeing things that I would probably just pass by if I were on a mission.

Who doesn’t need an angel every now and then?

Joensuu, FinlandI also found a strangely familiar looking building

Joensuu, FinlandI later learned that the architect was the same person who designed the train station in Helsinki.  The tower is a replica of the train station.

When you wander in cities, you often find pedestrian streets.

Joensuu, FinlandI love pedestrian streets – they are relaxed, calm, and nice to walk along.

Joensuu, FinlandAnd I found the answer to an important Finnish question when I made a new friend

Joensuu, FinlandThe question being “What does the fox say?”  The answer…It’s a secret.  You’ll have to ask the fox yourself.