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During my time in Joensuu, I was treated with a visit to the Orthodox seminary in town.  They have a special partnership with the Orthodox Department of Theology at the University.

Orthodox Seminary, JoensuuThe seminary is small, but has everything a seminary would need.  There is housing, a kitchen, a hall (used for meals and classes), and a chapel.

Orthodox Seminary, JoensuuWe ventured into the chapel.  It was beautiful, as so many Orthodox churches are.  Very ornate and colorful.  You feel like you enter into another realm, a truly holy place – And that’s the point.

Orthodox Seminary, JoensuuOne of the things I admire about the Orthodox is how unapologetic they are about their faith.  It is what it is and if you don’t like it, you can go somewhere else.

Orthodox Seminary, JoensuuThen again, there are negatives to that as well.  However, being an observer of Orthodoxy in Finland has helped me appreciate some of the variations of Orthodoxy.

Orthodox Seminary, Joensuu