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Several months ago, we had decided we wanted to take a week to be at a Finnish summer cottage in Eastern Finland.  Last week we hoped on the bus and made our way up to Tuusniemi, Finland to do just that.

We had what can only be described as the perfectly authentic Finnish experience.

It started with the cottage we stayed at.

Summer CottageYes, a cottage in the woods, by a lake.  It was awesome.

Summer CottageAnd beautiful inside too.

And who can beat the view from the large window in the front of the cottage.

Summer CottageOne the neatest things about going to a cottage in Eastern Finland in June is the length of daylight.

Summer CottageThe above picture was taken after midnight, as was the one below.

Summer CottageIt’s hard to describe what it’s like to be up after midnight with this much light.  In fact, at this time of year, it really doesn’t get dark outside at all.  I woke up at 2:20 one morning and it looked like the sun was going to be rising within the hour.  Incredible.

We had a great week.  We used the row-boat, dug for worms in a field and tried our hand at fishing, walked to a natural spring to get our water, played Mölkky and other games, grilled sausage, and of course made great use of the wood burning sauna by the lake.  (and yes, we did dip ourselves in the lake for cool downs)

Summer CottageWhen in Finland in June, I highly recommend going to a summer cottage if you have the opportunity.  It’s well worth it.