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In April I took a trip to Turku, Finland with a class I was taking on Christian history in Finland.  Turku was the first capital of Finland (as many in Turku have reminded me) and if you are going to understand Finnish history, understanding something about Turku is really important.

First stop was the Cathedral.  It’s large and probably the most ornate church in Finland.

Turku cathedralDid I mention it’s large – really large.

Turku cathedralyou can get a kink in your neck from looking up.

No trip to Turku is complete without going to the Cathedral. I’ll take you inside in the next travel post.  I’ll finish up today’s post with Mikael Agricola.

AgricolaAgricola is considered the father of the Reformation in Finland, having studied under Martin Luther in Germany.  He was quite a man.  He ended up being the bishop of Turku (which at that time means he was the bishop of Finland when it was under Swedish control).  He is also considered the father of the written Finnish language.  He translated the New Testament into Finnish as well as produced a prayer-book and hymn book for the church.  That’s quite a career!

And in case you happened to miss dear old Mikael outside of the Cathedral, have no fear, you can’t help but see him when you enter the church.

AgricolaNext travel post – we start exploring the interior of the church.