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Turku Cathedral is big, especially by Finnish standards.  But of course, the Cathedral was built well before Finland was an independent nation, so it’s not that surprising.

At any rate, the church is big and beautiful.

Turku CathedralWhen you step in, you get that sense of awe for the vastness of the building and how small we as individuals truly are.  There’s a whole theology behind the idea of building churches large.

One of the neat things about Turku cathedral is that you can easily see different construction techniques in the building.  Different sections were built at different times.  Take this for example.

Turku CathedralCan you see the difference in the arches?

Another thing that is neat is the ceiling.

Turku CathedralThe star shape in the ceiling is so Medieval.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a church without a pulpit.

Turku CathedralWhat is actually surprising about the pulpit here is that it is not more ornate.  But then again, it’s not the original pulpit, which burned when fire struck and destroyed the vast majority of Turku in 1827.

Another feature of Medieval churches are tombstones, like this.

Turku CathedralPeople are buried in the church.  Remember, this wasn’t built as a Lutheran church, it was built before the Reformation, so it was Catholic for a few hundred years.  It was common practice for people, especially VIPs, to be buried in the church.  The idea being that they would be closer to God and Jesus at the resurrection since they were buried in a church.

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