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During the trip to Turku Cathedral, we had a tour of the church.  We visited the side chapel.

Turku CathedralThe chapel is used each day for services and has many interesting and old things in it.

Take the crucifix for example.

Turku CathedralYes, there are no arms on Jesus.  They probably burned off during the great Turku fire in the 1800s.

Also in the side chapel are plenty of large grave stones.

Turku CathedralI mentioned in the last post that there are hundreds of people buried in the church.  While the stone doesn’t look like much, you’ll have to take my word that it is a grave marker.  There’s a whole post waiting to be written on humanity’s attempt at being remembered by carving our names in stone.  Yet you can see that even stone wears away eventually.

Along those same lines, you can see plenty of coats of arms from rich families who helped finance the construction or remodeling of the church over the centuries.

Turku CathedralPeople used to be able to look at the seals and know who they were for.  Now most of the people come in, look at the seals and say how impressive they are without knowing anything about them.  So much for trying to be remembered.

The last thing for today is a different view of the pulpit.

Turku CathedralI find pulpits with staircases leading up to them to be interesting.  I’m not sure why.  The different styles and symbols in each one is fascinating to me.  So much in such a small space.

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