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Ok, you have to admit, regardless of your thoughts about church, that there is something really cool about seeing Medieval paintings on church walls.

Turku CathedralThese paintings are like taking a step back in time.

Turku CathedralWhen I was there and looking at these paintings, I couldn’t help but think about the artist that was probably standing in the same spot at some point and admiring their own work.

Turku CathedralThen I start to think – who was this person?  What was their life-like?  What was the world around them really like?  I don’t mean in a sense that a book tells us, but in a real way.  Kind of like the difference between seeing a picture and being there.  Pictures can only do a scene so much justice, as any blogger or photographer knows.  But it is actually being there and seeing something with your own eyes that takes an experience to a new level.

Turku CathedralMaybe that’s what keeps me traveling, questioning and learning.