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After visiting the cathedral, we walked down along the River Aura on our way to our next stop.

River Aura, TurkuIt was a beautiful day.  And there is something about walking along a river on a beautiful day – it’s just wonderful.  Very peaceful.

River Aura, TurkuThe water was calm, the sky wasn’t too bright.  It wasn’t too cold for April.  Maybe a river is like life in that way.  Some days the river is calm and peaceful and you can enjoy it and other days it’s a bit chaotic.

We also walked past this…

River Aura, TurkuThis is a historic set of buildings.  I’ll show more about them later, but here’s a quick glimpse.  The first building on the right is the Cathedral school. The second building, with the flag above it, is the location where the archbishop of the Lutheran church announces the Christmas peace each year.

Next up – Aboa Vetus museum – it’s pretty cool!