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During the trip to Turku, we went to the Aboa Vetus Museum.  It was really pretty cool. The museum was actually a mistake.  There is an art gallery that obtained a property in the middle of Turku, along the river.  When they started doing renovations to the property, they hit something really old (Ut-oh) and stopped to see what it was.   Well, it turned out to be the foundation of several old buildings in Turku that had been covered up over the years, along with some other great finds.  So the art gallery added a museum to show case these finds.  I would guess the museum gets more visitors than the art gallery.

So let’s begin out journey to the past.  This is the entrance that takes you down to the old finds.  Rather dramatic isn’t it?

Aboa VetusThen you turn the corner and here’s what you see…

Aboa VetusNow tell me, isn’t that cool?  These are originals – not recreations.  Amazing. You are literally stepping back in history when you visit here.

Something else that was pretty cool was this…

Aboa VetusIt’s the road that ran near the river and through the old city.  The road is actually still there in the city in various spot if you know what you are looking for.

Aboa VetusAbove is the picture of a chapel.  It has an interesting story – too long to go into here, though.  Let’s just put it this way – it’s not an original chapel.  It was originally believed to have been the spot of a monastery, but then with some more research, the good researchers figured out that, well, it wasn’t.  But the chapel stayed and is still in use today – they do about a dozen or so weddings here each year.

Aboa VetusAbove is a drawing of what the city of Turku was like in medieval times.  If you look at the top middle of it, you can see a guy being hanged.  All the details people.

Aboa VetusLastly, this is the well.  It’s an original well and it still has water in it.  That’s pretty cool.

Next up – we journey down to the Turku Castle, for more steps back in history.