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Turku Castle has many of the same features as you’ll find in any other medieval castle, including chapels and prisons.  Yet, the chapels and prisons are always quite fascinating.

There are actually a few chapels in Turku castle.  Today I focus on one chapel, the Sture Chapel.  Instead of trying to give you a whole history, I took the lazy way and took a picture so you could read about it yourself.

Turku CastleIf you read the panel, you’ll see that talk about statues of the saints.  The room is packed with these statues.  They are quite interesting.  And well-preserved too.

Turku CastleStatues of saints have their own unique history too.

Turku CastleStatues have been fought over, burned, destroyed, venerated, worshiped, etc.

Turku CastleActually, this isn’t unique to people in the Middle Ages.  People today do the same thing over an array of items.  Most recently, here in the US, people have been fighting over a flag – some venerating it and others hating it and what they link to it.  In our own societies, we have our own statues to deal with.

Which leads to the last picture:

Turku CastleIt’s the prison in the castle.  Yes, that’s a stuffed animal rat.  It’s to represent what the prisons were like in the castle – rat infested.  The prison is deep and escape seems impossible, yet it happened once.  Prisons seems to go with chapels sometimes.  How often do we fight over things in church only to find ourselves stuck in a prison.  We find ourselves bound by hatred, anger, fighting, personality clashes, and a host of other chains that bind us when church is supposed to set us free.  But as I said, this is not anything new.  We humans have gotten really good at binding ourselves and others, killing ourselves and others, and making life miserable for ourselves and others.  No wonder we need a savior.

Next up – The Girl King Movie set – lots of oooo’s and aaaahhhh’s.