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One of the things that gets highlighted on the tour of Turku Castle was the props from the filming of the movie The Girl King.  You may be wondering who the girl king is and what’s with the odd title.

Sweden has kings.  Even when a female is to take over the throne, they are named king.  The movie is about Kristina, who ended up being King of Sweden.  There’s a fascinating history that you can look up.

Back to the props.  The movie was filmed in Turku Castle and I’ll have more props from the movie in future posts (like the throne room, which is really neat).

But for today, let’s stick with clothing.

Girl King movieThere is a whole room dedicated to the clothing.  And I have to say, it looks authentic.

Girl King movieAt least what I envision what an authentic court of Sweden would look like.

Girl King movieColor being the key.  Of of the biggest things that signify the difference between the wealthy royalty and the poor peasants was the colors.  The movie seems to have caught that very well.

Next up – more royalty – a Polish Queen and settings from the movie.