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When in a castle, you see royalty.  Duh!

Today, I’ll focus on just three pictures.

Picture 1 –

Turku Castle RoyaltyThis is the private chapel for the polish princess who lived in Finland because of marriage.  Why did a polish princess need her own private chapel?  Because that was the agreement that was made when the marriage was arranged.  The polish princess was Roman Catholic and heading to a Swedish Lutheran country.  Certainly a unique marriage at that time, but not totally unusual.  Royal marriages are often arrangements made with power in mind.  It was believed that such a union would be beneficial to both kingdoms – ie keep both of them from fighting a war against each other.  It worked for a little bit and then, like most human contrived power arrangements, it fell apart.

Picture 2 –

Turku Castle RoyaltyHere is the throne room set for the movie The Girl King.  You get quite the feel of how the court would have been.  For me, it seems like there would be a lot of standing around, passing information and rumors, back stabbing, lies, and vying for the head royalty’s attention.  Ugg.  I would have never made it in the court – too fake.

Picture 3 –

Turku Castle RoyaltyThis is Kristina, the Girl King herself.  Why is it that royalty are never pictured as smiling.  Where they ever happy?  They had every material resource available to them, yet they never seem happy.  Should be a good lesson for us all.  How many people live their whole life in pursuit of riches thinking that they won’t be happy until they have lots of money only to find that having money doesn’t equal gaining happiness.  Probably because money is just a thing, not something internal.

Up next – A couple more rooms in the castle and we’ll finish up the trip to Turku.