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As I finishes up the tour of the castle, I had just a couple of last minutes stops.

Stop 1 – the “new” chapel.

turku castleLike all good Medieval castles, there is a chapel with special seating for the royalty.  Ever since Constantine decided to use Christianity for his own glory (in my humble opinion), there has been this ridiculous link between church and state – the church propping up the state.  Christianity is supposedly about the equality of the children of God.  The state is, well, not about that.  And since the state is more interested in its own survival than teaching good theology, something had to give.  And in this case it was the idea that all people are equal.  Hence you end up with special seats for the royalty.  Maybe we’re not that far off from that notion still, even here in the US.  Ever try sitting in someone’s seat on Sunday?  You’d think you were sitting in the king’s spot.

Stop 2 – some awesome tapestry

turku castleI’m not a big weaver (in fact I’ve never weaved), but I have to admit, these tapestries are incredible.

turku castleThe detail in them is amazing.  I can only imagine how long it took to make these.  Gorgeous!

Stop 3 – the exterior of the castle

turku castleAs I left, I couldn’t help but take just one more picture.  Turku Castle was impressive.  I’m glad I went.

Next travel post – back to Helsinki for a few quick postings.