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Yesterday I read what may be one of the best articles ever.  I’m not stretching it here either.  Cara Joyner wrote a piece titled – Christians Shouldn’t Be Culture’s Morality Police.

Here’s one beautiful gem from the piece:

We were never commissioned to demand that secular culture reflect biblical principles. We were commissioned to reflect biblical principles in the middle of secular culture, pointing to God’s redemptive story

All I can say is “Amen.”  If that one paragraph gets your attention, then I suggest you read the whole article.  It’s well worth it.

Ms. Joyner has captured my sentiments so well.  I’m tired of Christians (of both the left and right political persuasion) trying to reshape society in their own image and trying to force those that have a different view to get in line with them.  There’s more to life than politics and society isn’t just us/them – or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Ms. Joyner has stated my sentiments about how Christians can interact with the world in which they live very eloquently.

We can’t change the rest of society or what other people are doing or thinking. Yes, we can try to force people into doing or thinking what we think is best for them.  There are plenty of example throughout human history attempting to do this. And gosh, they’ve turned out so well, haven’t they?  But that misses something important – our own sin.

Want to change society – change the way you live, think, act, speak.  Start by actually living what you claim to believe – let it apply to you first.  Stop pointing the finger at others because you don’t like something about them and look at yourself to see what you don’t like and should change.  Then follow what you claim to believe – that we need Jesus to step in and intervene in our own lives.  We’ve all got crap in our lives that we don’t have control over.  We’ve all got crap in our past – things we aren’t proud of.  We’ve all got crap in our life right now – weaknesses that we fall to.  We all have this.  Can we all work on our own crap, walk with someone else who has crap and help each other out?  The crazy thing about this is that it doesn’t require any change in government or policy or law.  But of course it’s so much more fun fighting over politics isn’t it?  Politics allows us to point “out there” and say something like “it’s their fault – if only they would understand the right way to do handle this.”

Instead, it requires one thing – that we recognize that we’re all screwed up in some area of life, that we need help and that we’re all in this together.  There is no us vs. them.  There’s no point in pointing the finger as others.  There are just other people who are screwed up, just like us, but probably with different challenges in their life.

Thank you Cara Joyner – you have spoken a truth that I wish so many would hear and take to heart.