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Yes, I’m going to do something daring in this post.  I’m going to use the “F” word in relation to church.  I know this bold and daring thing that I’m about to do will cause some to rise us and try to shout me out.  Or maybe there will be some people who will point to specific verses in the Bible and show me the error of my ways.

I’m prepared to deal with those reactions.

Buckle up, here goes.


There, I said it.  Wait, you thought I was going to say something else didn’t you?  Although, am I really all that off with some churches?  When is the last time you truly had fun in church?  When is the last time you came out of church feeling like you had a great time, heard a great message and feel ready to take on the day?

Or is church just supposed to be something that you do because you’ve always done it?  Is church supposed to be stuffy and boring?  How about full of rules and do’s and don’ts?  Is church supposed to be all business?

Church isn’t a free for all, but it’s also not a courtroom either.  As with most things, when we move towards an extreme, it usually destroys that thing.  No wonder people give up on the church – the church gave up on them.  All the rules and do this or do that is really just a message that says “we don’t trust you.”

But what would happen if we had some fun in church?  What creativity would take place?  How would that affect the mission?  How would that impact the relationships that are built?  How would that impact how the building gets used?

Church does some serious things and should.  Life isn’t all fun and games.  However, there are times when fun is the perfect answer.  The church supposedly has the best news in the history of creation – the Good News.  And yet, you’d think this news was nothing more than the legal print for a chair you bought at IKEA and have to put together yourself.  Not all churches have a challenge with fun.  But some do.

I’ll leave you with a video.  It’s a video that promotes thefuntheory.com.  Watch it.

What if we took the idea, the main idea, behind this video and applied it to church?  I wonder what would happen.  I wonder how much trust would be built.  I wonder who would be drawn to the church.  I wonder how lives would be changed.  I wonder how people would receive the Good News.  I wonder if people would want to be around a place like that.  I wonder if people would see the people at that church as something more than just a bunch of fun people, but people who actually trust others, who care about others and their ideas and their lives.  I wonder if people would see a group of people who would be committed to walking with a person through their dark times.  I wonder if people would see a people living out the joy that they proclaim.  I wonder.