It’s been two weeks since my last post.  I didn’t know how long it would be.  We moved again and each time we move, it takes some time to get set up with the Internet.  But, we’re back up and running – which means posts more often.  Yay!

Today, we get back to posting pictures from our trip to Stockholm.  Today I’m taking a little time to show some of the pictures that we took at various spots in the city as we walked.  I won’t say much for each picture – just take a moment to enjoy the moment I’m sharing with you.  Stockholm is a very walker friendly city and when it’s a beautiful sunny day, there’s not many other places that are as beautiful as Stockholm.

Nordic museum – so elegant.

out and about, StockholmWhat’s a royal city without a dude on a horse?

out and about, StockholmAhh, the beauty of spring.

out and about, StockholmSkansen (we’ll have more pictures of this gem later.)

out and about, StockholmSwedish colors in the gate.

out and about, StockholmAnother dude.

out and about, StockholmThere’s something beautiful about bridges and water.

out and about, Stockholm