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This morning I was having a serious debate with myself – which video do I want to re-post.  I decided that both were too good to pass up.  Then I realized, maybe the two actually go together.  Yay!

So here’s the first video.  It’s Brian Zahnd talking about empires versus Jesus.  It’s a great message and one I’ve been contemplating for a while now. Less than five minutes and well worth it.

I’ll just jump to the second video and then provide a few thoughts.  It’s a fake news report that pretty much sums up every financial new report you’ve ever seen.  (fair warning – they drop the F-bomb in the video).  It’s pure brilliance and well done and less than three minutes.

There’s a million things racing through my mind regarding these videos.  Yet, I’ll cut to the chase.  These videos are excellent because they speak a truth in a powerful way.  How often are we wrapping ourselves in the flag and propping up the empire at the expense of what we claim to believe is our foundation?  How often are we looking for an emotion to feel alive – even if that emotion is painful, rather than use that emotion to be called out into the world as Jesus calls us.  In both cases, the empire and the “news” want us to be sheep that are herded here and there, too busy and too tired to do anything.

And we are supposed to be sheep, it’s not far off.  However, as Christians, our shepherd is different and leads us in a different direction – one that calls us to act out of love, because we are loved.  One that calls us to grace because we have been given grace.  One that calls us to lift up the helpless, because we were helpless too.  One that calls us to use the emotion produced by what we see to change what we see, ourselves and those around us for the better.  One that calls us to stop complaining and start doing.  All of this we can do because it was done for us first.