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I love visiting churches.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because churches say so much about a culture and belief system without saying a word.

The church at Skansen is full of symbolism and says a ton about the culture in which is was housed.

Church at SkansenThe church is beautiful, made of wood, and sits on a large piece of land.

When you walk inside, you feel like you are taking a step back in history.

Church at SkansenI can almost hear all the sermons, see all the families that attended, witness the weddings and funerals.  There are so many stories of people’s lives within these walls at their most important times of their life.

Church at SkansenIn the ceiling, we have the watchful, looming presence of God, symbolized by the triangle representing the Trinity.

Church at SkansenAnd with many churches, there are wonderful pictures depicting important moments in the life of Jesus or other holy men and women.

Church at SkansenThe altar and communion rail may be the smallest I have ever seen in a church.  I’m not a big fan of communion rails – they usually create a sense of barrier between the pastor/priest and the congregation.  This one though is difference. Worshipers can gather around the altar to worship and receive the Eucharist together – much better theology in my humble opinion.