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When you walk around Skansen, you see some neat things.  I’ve picked three to highlight today.

SkansenNeat thing #1 – there was this “competition” going on where these women dressed in white were riding horse hitting a piece of wood with a stick.  They were having a grand time and it made it fun for all of us watching.  The horses were beautiful too.

SkansenNeat thing #2 – Peacock.  Do I really need to say much more.  Peacocks are gorgeous and elegant looking.  As with many other locations that have peacocks, they are allowed to roam freely around the park.  They are not a danger to people, but rather draw our attention, even when they are attempting to hide.

SkansenNeat thing #3 – a tower.  I saw this and I thought, man, I’d love to have a tower some day.  I’d turn one floor into a library to house all of my books. LOL.  The only challenge would be that I wouldn’t want the tower to be too high though – I don’t like heights.