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On our tour, we went to the square where the Stockholm bloodbath took place.

Stockholm BloodbathIt looks peaceful right now.  Especially given that this museum stands in the square.

Stockholm BloodbathThe history in a nutshell:

The Stockholm Bloodbath, or the Stockholm massacre, took place as the result of a successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces under the command of King Christian II. The bloodbath itself was a series of events taking place between 7-9 November 1520, climaxing on 8 November, when around 80-90 people (mostly nobility and clergy supporting the Sture party) were executed, despite a promise by King Christian for general amnesty.


Let this be yet another reminder of what politics it truly about – power.  Power can become all-consuming – to the point where a person is willing to kill (either literally, or to kill someone’s reputation) in order to get it.

But power and those in power pass on – as all things do.  When that happens, we can enjoy the fruits of peace and empowerment and move about freely without fear.

Stockholm Bloodbath