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The cathedral in Stockholm, like so many other stately buildings is beautiful.  In a way, it’s kind of like the Tardis – it doesn’t look very big on the outside, but feels bigger on the insides.

Cathedral in StockholmI’ll spend the next few travel posts taking you on a tour of the interior of the cathedral. There are some splendid things in this church.  And it’s also symbolic of the link between the church and empire at the same time – something I’m not a big fan of and have written about previously.  When the church is an instrument of the state, then it answers to the state and stately rulers – not to Jesus, who is supposed to be the king of the Universe.  At any rate, here’s a quick preview of the next few posts.

Cathedral in StockholmI found this picture to be a little humorous actually.  The painting is full of symbolism, some the artist intended and a big thing that was added later.  This is Jesus rising up above all the toils of humanity.  And an exit sign right below Jesus.  Does anyone else see the irony of this?

Cathedral in StockholmThis is a beautiful piece of the Last Supper in 3D relief.  But I have to wonder, in all of these Last Supper pictures, where did they get a table that size?  And why are they never making full use of the table.  It’s like they are sitting on each others laps on one side of the table because there isn’t enough room, yet the other side of the table is completely empty.  Again, the irony strikes me that this is often how humanity deals with so many things.