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We ventured into the old German Church in Stockholm.  It was beautiful, of course – full of white and gold and dark wood.  All very elegant.

German ChurchThe windows alone are amazing works of art.

German ChurchSo lifelike and real, you can almost reach out and be a part of the scene.

The organ in the back is of course amazing.

German ChurchAs well as the side organ with the gold front to it.

German ChurchAnd when you look at the front, well…

German ChurchWhat you see if the altar, the kings box and the pulpit.  Yes, the king had his own box seating.  I guess church was the precursor to professional sporting events.  Wouldn’t want the royalty to have to mix with the commoners you know.

And then there was this:

German ChurchI don’t know what it is.  However, it looks like something at the beginning of a PBS series – something like Sherlock Holmes or Piorot.  You know, the person is there introducing the episode in a very stately manner.

Lots of gold, lots of wealth, lots of structure in this church.  I’m willing to bet there aren’t many people attending on Sundays too.  Wouldn’t want to many people to come in and mess things up now, would we?