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In May, I went back to Turku for a day long visit to talk with a professor and see a few more sites.

First stop – the cathedral.  It’s pretty much obligatory.  It’s the biggest thing in Turku and just always impressive to see.

Turku - MayThen it was across the street to see the traditional location of where the archbishop of Finland announces the Christmas peace.

Turku - MayThe story is that the archbishop announces the Christmas peace at noon on Christmas Eve from the balcony of this building.  Many, many people travel from around Finland to be here for the occasion and it is televised and draws a huge audience.

Next up was the Cathedral School, which is next door to the Christmas Peace announcement building (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called).

Turku - MayIt’s one of the oldest schools in Finland.

One of the neatest things is the city seal:

Turku - MayIt shows up all around Turku.  It goes back to the Swedish name for the city – Åbo.  It’s a shield dedicated to the Virgin Mary – hence the blue.