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When we arrived in Salzburg, we headed for the first must-see on the list – Mirabellgarten.  This is one of those gardens that even someone who doesn’t enjoy flowers that much would enjoy.  It helps when it’s an absolutely perfect day also.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgThe garden is absolutely gorgeous and has all the best qualities you can think of.  Beautiful flowers, amazing design, a castle in the background.  You feel like you are in fairytale land, only better – it’s real.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgSpeaking of flowers, they were bright and in full bloom.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgThe groves of trees and bushes were amazing too.  So perfectly taken care of.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgI think the thing that really appeals to me is the thought that went into the design of the garden.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgOh, and the best part – no charge for people to visit.  It’s a public garden for people to walk through.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgIt may be one of the best gardens I have seen.

Mirabellgarten, SalzburgWell done, tenders of the garden.  Well done.