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What do people want in church and religion?

I heard Seth Godin say in an audio book that I’m reading that people don’t buy what they need.  They buy what they want.  I agree with that.  So I took a moment to think about this in relationship to church.

So what do people want when it comes to church?

Based on my conversations with people, here is what I have heard:

People want to experience God in their daily life.
People want church to be relevant to their life, otherwise, it’s a waste of time and they have better things to do.
People want church and God to be approachable – not another institution that creates walls and barriers to entry and participation
People want church to be enjoyable – they don’t want to be entertained (it’s not a concert), but they also don’t want to be bored out of their mind.
They want a community of people who can support them and who they can support – think of an extended family.
They want to be told that even though they are screwed up, it’s ok – God loves them just as they are.
They want a way to live life a better way.

If these are true, then I have to ask – Church, what do we do with that?