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Ok, pet peeve time.  You’ve been warned, so buckle up.  I promise to keep this short.

My rant today is this – Why do some Christians insist on fighting with other Christians.  No, I’m not talking about situations where life and death are at hand.  I’m not talking about physical brawls when someone gets attacked.

I’m talking about online discussions.  I’ve seen it in the comment sections of articles and blogs – that’s usually the worst.

And yesterday, someone decided to do it on my blog.

Now, let me say, I have no problem with people having different beliefs and holding a different worldview.  That’s great, because frankly, I know I don’t know everything.  I enjoy getting a diversity of opinions and observations about the world, God, church, etc.  I think it helps us to come closer to truth.  I even enjoy having to think about what I hold dear.  But people who do this approach discussions from a humble attitude.

What I can’t stand is when someone poses a question that really isn’t a question at all, but more of a leading question intended to do one thing:  show how the person who asked the question is right and you are wrong.

I’m sorry, but if you are more interested in being right, than in learning something, or seeing a different way of looking at the world, then guess what, I’m not going to put up with it.  You are asking for a fight.  What kind of Christian are you that is looking for a fight?  Seriously?  I have to question what you mean when you say you are a Christian.

Christians have spent way too much energy, time, and God knows what else in trying to be right over the centuries – to the point of killing other Christians who were “wrong.” When are we going to learn?  When are we going to stop trying to convince others that our brand of Christianity is the only true way and everyone else on the planet is not just wrong, but damned to hell.  Enough already.  I’m tired of the fundamentalist outlook and attitude.  If you are so insistent in your fundamentalist outlook that you think you have to save the world, including me, with your “rightness,” I’m begging you – Don’t bother me with it – I’m no longer interested in what you have to say.

And fundamentalism isn’t just a conservative branch of Protestantism either.  There are fundamentalist Catholics too and others.  fundamentalism is a way of looking at the world – and frankly, it’s rather shallow and weak.

Rant over.