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Apparently we’re supposed to care what color and what phrases are written on Starbuck’s coffee cups.

Yes, I’ve seen the video.  I didn’t think anything of it for a couple of reasons – 1. I don’t drink coffee, so what do I care what Starbucks does with their cups.  If you don’t like their cups, don’t go there.  You’re probably paying too much for the coffee anyway.  2. It reminded me of a video that an upstart campaign would make.

While most people are going to spend time fighting for or against the guy in the video, I’m going to give you a different perspective and some observations.

Observation #1 – If you want to attract attention, do something controversial.  This guy hit this one right on the head apparently.  He’s got the full mix of things – He’s  pastor.  He looks like Paul Blart, Mall Cop.  He shows a gun in the video.  Starbucks.  And the War on Christmas.  Combine all that and you have a recipe for controversy.

Observation #2 – If you want something to go viral, either video animals or do something that will get your enemies upset.  Either way, you are tugging at people’s emotions.  Since I didn’t see any cute kittens, I’m guessing that this guy was going for anger and supposed victimhood.

Observation #3 – The very people who disagree with everything he stated have been the biggest promoters of his video and gave him exactly what he wanted – attention for his message.  He ought to be paying these people.  I can tell you this much, if I were him, I’d be smiling big time.

This is something I learned in politics – the point of a campaign is to draw attention to yourself and your message.  This is why Donald Trump is doing so well.  He says outrageous things and guess what, lots of people respond, with lots of name calling and emotion.  And when you are attacked, there will be people to come to your defense.  And when people do that – they are emotionally investing in you and have more interest in seeing you succeed.

Want to know how to deal with people like this – stop paying attention to them.  Stop responding to them.  Recognize that the point is to rile up anyone who disagrees with the person.  If you respond, what is that actually saying?  It says that you feel threatened by this person’s message or this person and have to defend yourself or go on the attack.  Why would you do that?  Because you believe that there is an actual threat.

Or when you see a video like this you could say – “whatever” and move on with life, never to spend another moment thinking about this, except that you might want to rent Mall Cop 2.