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I didn’t expect to write this post.  It was never on my radar until yesterday.  A few days ago I wrote a blog post innocently asking what people would pay for in church, if they had to pay for it.  The point was to see what people valued the most.  I got great replies – it is wonderful to see so many of you take up the challenge to think about this question and provide me feedback.  Thank you.

I received a variety of answers – all really great answers.  But I was amazed at one consistent theme – education.  People would be willing to pay for Christian Education – or they currently are.  They would pay for it for themselves and (maybe even more surprising to me) they would pay for it for other people.

Probably the best response to why was by vonleonhardt2 – “What I want from my religious group and what they can offer me, is to not be so darn ignorant of their own religion.”

This leads me to today’s question – is the church as a whole failing at religious education?  If not, why would people be willing to pay for it?

I know of some really great educational programs in the church.  There are churches that have started an adult catechumenate program and it works great.  Some of these churches go even further and require everyone who is a member to go through the program, including the pastor, who already went through seminary.

So, here’s a follow-up question.  Do you accept the premise that the church is failing at religious education?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Try to think of this from beyond your own church.

And more importantly, what do you think should be done about this?  Again, I’m going to ask for something concrete – I’m not looking for you all to have all the answers, but I am asking you to provide one thing that church could do that would improve Christian education.  Just one thing.