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When you look at the castle from town, you can see that’s it’s pretty big.  But you really don’t get a good sense of how big until you are in it.

I took two pictures here from the same point, looking in two different directions.  If you didn’t know I was in a castle, you’d think I was just on some street in an old city.  The streets just seem to go on and on.

Of course you could look up too and get more of the sense of how big the castle is.


Thing are looking up aren’t they?

And these pictures are essentially from one spot in the castle.  They aren’t anywhere close to the whole thing.

Of course, you can also get a sense of how big the castle is by looking out from the castle over the city of Salzburg too.

I’m throwing in this last picture, just because I think it’s cool and there’s really no where else to put it.  So, you’ll just have to indulge me on this one.


Pretty cool huh? You wish you had family seal like that don’t you?