As we finished up Hohensalzburg, we discovered some wonderful last things.

First on the list was a small museum dedicated to Austrian military history, focusing on when Austria was called an empire going into WWI.  Here’s a poster from the era.


And of course, if you are going to participate in wars, you have to medals.  What’s a war without a medal right?  Here’s the one I thought was the neatest.


Don’t know what it’s for, but I’m guessing it’s for some kind of bravery in war.

Then we made our way to some other areas in the castle.  I have to say the following picture might be one of my favorites from inside the castle.  It’s an oven.  My question – why don’t they make ovens like this anymore?  I’d totally have one in my house.


I feel warmer already, don’t you?

And last, but not least – the seals of the different bishops.  We saw their imprints all over the castle.  Anywhere that an improvement was done during the time when a bishop lived here, they left their seal imprint.  Maybe I should do that with our house.

Next travel post – we take a refreshing break.