I’ve seen some horrible memes and heard some really bad statements from Christians about other Christians lately.  And shockingly (not!) they all relate to politics.  In a sense, I’m not surprised.  Politics is, in a way, the antithesis of Christianity.  It’s a power struggle to gain and use power.  Christianity is interested in distributing power and empowering those without power.

I’m going to ask a very pointed question.  Which are you first –A Christian or a Democrat?  A Christian or a Republican?  Or are you claiming that your politics is informed by your faith?

For those of you participating in the activities I first listed, here’s another question – If you are a Christian first, then why are you constantly pointing the finger of blame at the other party?  Why are you vilifying people of the other party?  Why have you labeled people of the other party as evil?  Why are your statements always in alignment with your party as if they were the Gospel truth?

If you said that Christian was your first thing, then where do you draw your reasoning for all of this?

It’s like we have multiple personalities.  On Sunday, we go church and talk about love, forgiveness, and hope.  We warmly welcome visitors and greet fellow worshipers.

And then we turn around on Monday and vilify, blame, give into fear and anger.

Do we have split personality Christianity that we think we can voice good things on Sunday while living how we want Monday through Saturday and yet still think we can be “good” Christians?

If this were a court case, what evidence would you present to show that you are a Christian first, if, in fact you answered that way?  What evidence would be presented by the prosecution to show that the opposite were true?