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What?  Christmas is a threat?  How blasphemous you say.

But what about the supposed “War on Christmas” that we hear about every year. You know the war on all the secular crap and meaningless things that gets associated with Christmas.  What about the Keep Christ in Christmas message that goes all over the US?  Aren’t atheists the real threat to Christmas?  Hardly.

Christmas doesn’t need defending – at least not real Christmas.  It can handle it self just fine.  Of course the cultural Christmas needs all the help it can get in order to sustain its life.  It takes a lot of energy and resources to keep up all the materialism, exhaustion, noise, visits from relatives, money, and lord knows what else.  Yeah, all that part of Christmas needs people to prop it up.

No, instead, I’m saying that Christmas itself is a threat.  It’s a threat to our culture.   Again, you may be saying “Anathema!” (BTW, that’s such a fun word to use.)

Craig Greenfield wrote a wonderful article on the Real War on Christmas recently.

Here’s something to consider in relation to this whole topic:

…it’s crucial to see that Jesus was born in the midst of the Roman Empire. His Kingdom was a direct threat to that Empire, just as His Kingdom is a direct threat to the Empire we live in today.

Yes, my friends, we live in an empire.  Maybe not the same as the Roman empire, but an empire still.  Go anywhere in the world, and I challenge you to find somewhere that doesn’t have some type of American culture somewhere – anything.  I’m sure there is some aboriginal tribe somewhere that doesn’t know anything of the world outside of its tribe, but other than that, you can’t escape.  Our military certainly reaches the four corners of the earth.  And don’t even get me started with the upcoming presidential election, which is made up of candidates (both Republican and Democrat) that sound more like they are running for the post of Caesar rather than President.

But you see, Christmas is a real threat.

Ultimately, Jesus shows just how different his Kingdom is when instead of arriving in town on a war horse toting weapons and advocating violence towards those who oppose him, he rides in on a humble donkey to show us the way to lay down our lives.

The Empire stockpiles more and more weapons and wages warfare with shock and awe and power and might. The Kingdom of Jesus pursues peace and justice and radical, sacrificial love for our enemies.

And so there is a war on Christmas, but it’s waged differently than we hear about.

The real war on Christmas in 2015 is waged by those who want to embrace the twin towers of the Empire – economic and military might – and call it Christianity.

Christmas is a threat to the established order of things.  It was 2000 years ago.  Which is why Herod conducted the slaughter of the innocents – a slaughter of any male child under the age of 2.  He was using the empire’s military power to attempt to kill Jesus, an outside threat to the established order of things.

The real war on Christmas is waged by those who claim the name of Jesus, while embracing the values of the Empire.

Christmas is a threat my friends.  Ultimately, it threatens us, our very lives, not with force and power.  But with an open invitation to leave all the crap of this world behind.  To let go of it.  Not so that it will disappear, but so that our hands and our hearts and our minds can be open to embracing the true and best gift of Christmas – Jesus.