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Just down Ludwigstrasse is an important historical site – Feldherrnhalle.


So elegant, so much history

This monument was commissioned in 1841 by King Ludwig I to honor his military.

And it’s quite an impressive monument.


So impressive that the Nazis used it often early on in their rise to power.  Here’s an image from 1938:


SS soldiers pledge their loyalty to Hitler

The monument is symbolism of when Germany was a great power.  So in a way, you could say Hitler was just trying to make Germany great again.  We all know how well that turned out.

Here’s the pledge of loyalty that these soldiers took (English interpretation):

“I vow to you, Adolf Hitler, as Führer and chancellor of the German Reich, loyalty and bravery. I vow to you and to the leaders that you set for me, absolute allegiance until death. So help me God.”

Source – http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/annual-midnight-swearing-nazi-ss-troops-feldherrnhalle-munich-1938/

Going to the monument is an eerie reminder that people can be swayed to tyranny a bit too easily.