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If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning of the year, you know I’ve had some goals for the blog.

Here’s the original post.

And here’s how I did.

Goal 1. Get a great internship site placement.  Check that off.  I am serving at a great internship site, learning many things, have a great relationship with the supervisor.  I feel as though I am learning what it means to be a pastor.  In other words, it’s all good preparation.

Goal 2. Run in three half-marathons.  Check that off as well.  In fact I ran four halves in 2015 – three in Finland in the course of six weeks and one in Pennsylvania here in the fall.

Goal 3. Travel to Stockholm, Sweden, the Laplands and Germany.  Not totally, but pretty darn good.  As a family, we went to Stockholm and individually I made it to Germany.  But we didn’t make it to the Laplands.  We discovered that it was too expensive to go.  So expensive for us that it would have been the only trip we made during out time in Europe, so we scratched it.

Goal 4. Write a book about what I have learned about the church in Finland and how it relates to mission redevelopment in the US.  Not done.  I have something started, but it’s still in the beginning stages.  Having never done a book before, it feels a bit overwhelming in the sense that I am doing something new for me.  We’ll get there though.

Goal 5. Do 20 speaking engagements concerning our trip to Finland and what I learned about the church here and how it applies to mission redevelopment.  I did nine.  At this point I have come to realize a few things about these presentations.  First, the target audience is 50 years old and above.  They seems to be the only ones who care enough to listen.  Second, if it doesn’t directly apply to someone younger than that, they aren’t interested for any number of reasons.  In the end, not a bad goal in the sense that it has helped shrink down what I talk about, improved my presentation skills and focused what I want to write about.

Not too bad of a year as far as the goals are concerned.

Other things that I want to make a note of:

2015 really has been a great year for me personally.  I continued with my studies at the University of Helsinki.  Living overseas was an incredible experience – for both me and the rest of my family.  We all loved it very much.  I can easily say it is one of the very best experiences of my life.  Living overseas expanded my perceptions of many things and opened me to many new experiences that I would have never known before.

2015 was certainly a year of travel for our family.  We traveled around Finland, went to Stockholm and Iceland as a family.  My wife and oldest daughter traveled to Russia.  And I made it to Munich and Salzburg.  That’s on top of the places we went to in 2014 when we started off out journey.  Since then we’ve traveled back to the US and moved to our internship site.

2015 was also a year of adjustments.   Adjusting to the idea of going back to the US.  Adjusting to living in a new location.  Adjusting to American culture again.  Adjusting to working instead of classwork.  Adjusting.

I’m grateful for the wonderful year that 2015 was.  We had incredible experiences and learned a great many things.

Tomorrow I’ll have my goals for 2016.  And then the fun begins – starting to do them.