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So I was going to post my goals for 2016 on Friday, Jan. 1, but this little thing called “the internet was down” happened here at our home.  So I decided to wait until today.  I don’t like to make a ton of goals, but the goals I make do push me and often help me do various other things throughout the year.  I don’t do goals in a particular order, but rather for different parts of my life.  So here goes:

Running – I will complete two half marathons this year.  This isn’t really a stretch for me, but more something to keep me on track.  Let’s put it this way, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t do two.

Running – I will run 1000 miles this year.  I got this e-mail about a 1000 mile challenge.  I thought it would be easy.  Then I thought about how many miles that is each week.  This will be a stretch goal for me, but I think it’s doable.

(Author’s update:  I was a bit off on this.  Upon further examination, the challenge that I am referring to is from Mapmyrun.com.  And the challenge is to run 1000 km. I started it anyway.  I’m still shooting for 1000 miles – it would be good for me.)

(Update #2 – There’s a second mileage challenge.  I got it in a separate e-mail.  It’s for ilovetorun.org and it has a challenge of running 1000 miles or running 100 days in 2016.  I signed up for the 1000 miles.)

Travel – I want to do some trips with the family.  We won’t be doing any international trips this year, as far as I can tell.  But that shouldn’t stop us from seeing some of the great cities in the Mid-Atlantic – cities like Pittsburgh, DC, New York City, and Philadelphia.

We also want to see some of the smaller places of interest – places like Gravity Hill.  This is one of those weird places on the planet where you go to the bottom of a hill, put your vehicle in neutral and then feel the car start to roll up the hill.   Pretty crazy.

Career/Calling – Get approved.  This is the third and final step in the candidacy process for a Lutheran seminarian like myself.  It’s a big deal.  There will be another nasty paper to write in preparation for this, complete internship, do another interview in front of the candidacy committee (about 30-40 people).  Approval essentially says that yes, I’m ready to be called as a pastor somewhere (so long as I pass my remaining classes)

Writing – Write a book on the challenges the church faces/things I’ve learned from my time in Finland.  I’ve been saying I want to do this, this is the year to make it happen.

Financial – Have only student loan debt and a mortgage.  That would mean no credit card debt. I’m well on my way to completing this, but I’ll be thrilled when it happens a little later this year.

Blogging – Keep writing a travel post and a post on theology/politics/current events each weekday.  I’ll not going to say that the goal will be a failure if I miss a few days.  The point is to keep posting content consistently, which for me means each weekday.  I’ll probably take holidays off.

Family – I want to teach my children how to play six new games this year.  Why?  If I’m teaching them a game, then I’m spending time with them and they are learning something new.  I’m already on my way with this one – the girls now know how to play rummy.