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I read a sermon the other day titled When People Threaten Our Thrones.

The pastor did a sermon on the Scripture lesson concerning the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents.  This was when King Herod had all the male youngsters two years of age and under killed.  He did this because of one infant, Jesus.  Jesus was a threat to Herod’s throne and so Herod did what he had to do to protect his throne – kill anyone who was a threat.

Here’s a snipit from the sermon:

Objectively: when Herod killed those children, he was damaging these little babes, their parents, himself, and the Lord.  However, subjectively none of this mattered if Herod is on the throne.  Otherwise stated, since these children threatened Herod’s throne, their value did not matter.  With Herod, value is given to that which enhances Herod’s throne and the label of ‘evil’ is ascribed to that which threatens Herod’s throne.  Herod’s criteria for determining the value of life was himself – his choice.  That which enhanced Herod was good; that which threatened Herod was evil.  The Messiah was among the children in Bethlehem; the Messiah was a threat; therefore, damn those children and damn the Messiah… no, let’s butcher them. 

The pastor went on to equate abortion to all of this.  Regardless of how you feel or what you think about abortion, look at the main point here.

When power becomes the driving force in life, then we will do anything we can to protect it.  We don’t have to be sitting on a literal throne either.  Our throne can be the status quo – something that gives us a sense of control over our lives.

When something threatens the status quo in our lives, what is our first reaction?

When someone threatens our beliefs by questioning them or even attacking them, how do we respond?

When someone threatens our supposed security, how do we respond?

When someone threatens our rights, how do we respond?

When someone threatens our job, how do we respond?

The first question we should ask ourselves is if the thing or person is really a threat, or are we just perceiving this person or thing as a threat.  Secondly, if they are a threat, what are they actually threatening?

Third, will responding in kind actually get you anywhere?  Or will it just create more enemies?  Are there other options?

If our first response is to “kill” it, or eliminate anyone in our way, then power is most important to us.  And to adapt a saying – those who live by power, will surely die by power.  Sure, having power seems great, but you have to spend an awful lot of energy, time, money, resources and life trying to hold on to it.  In the end you lose it – either by having it taken away by someone else or by death.  And what was the point of hoarding it?

Here’s an alternative – What if you used the power you had, regardless of what power that is, and made life better for those around you?  What if you empowered those around you?  What if you gave power away instead of hoarding it?  Scary thought huh?  You wouldn’t be the one in control anymore – not that any of us really are anyway.  It would just be a more honest way of living.