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I made my way inside of the church.  It was a bit of happy and sad experience all at once.

First the happy part.


It’s beautiful.  Seriously beautiful.

But here’s the sad thing – look at the picture again.  It’s almost empty.  And the people that are there are most likely there as tourists, like myself, visiting a large museum.

In many cases, the churches in Europe have become large pretty museums, not places that center people to be able to go out and spread the Good News.

But all is not lost.  Even in the midst of all of this, we can go back to the beauty.  Because in the beauty there are stories.  Stories in the paintings. Stories in the statues.

There are stories from the pulpit for the people who will listen during church.


There are stories at the altar.


Not just stories of make believe, but of life change.  Something so many are seeking, just outside the doors of the church.  Maybe the church is empty because the church members are out telling the story.