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Frauenkirche is a large church.  Very large.  So large that when you come up on it and you want to take a picture, you can’t get the whole building in your lens.


Which actually worked out fine for my picture because there was a lot of scaffolding up on half of the church.

But when you walk inside, there’s a different story.


It’s actually a quite plain looking church.  Which might be surprising considering that it serves as the cathedral seat of the archbishop and was the church that Pope Benedict served in when he was the archbishop here.

The church has the typical things you’ll find in big large European churches.  Things like paintings and an altar.  Yes, all the paintings are beautiful.

And beautiful stained glass windows.


I’m going to skip over most of that though to talk about some of the more unique things in this church.  Things like this:


I have to say, these statues kind of creeped me out a bit.  Especially the guy with the large stick.  I quickly moved on.

I left scary statue guys and went down to the crypt.


They did a good job of making it feel like a crypt, didn’t they.  There’s several people buried down here, a king and queen and other VIPs.  The idea, it’s an old one, was that the rich and powerful would be buried closest to the altar so that at the time of the resurrection, when Jesus came back, they would rise first and see Christ first.  So very nice, isn’t it?  You know, just leave the part about Christ not giving a damn about your royal status aside, and a few other technicalities, like the priesthood of all believers.  But other than that, makes senses.

Around the altar we see these plaques:


They are the coat of arms of the archbishops who have served in this church.  I only took a picture of the last five.  The middle one also includes Pope Benedict’s coat of arms.  The statues above these are of different saints.

And last, but certainly not least, you have to have an elaborate tomb.  Frauenkirche definitely has that.


You know you were someone when you have a dude with a sword protecting your tomb.  And flags.  And a temple like tomb.  You know all the humble things that Jesus talked about.  Definitely no contradiction with Christianity going on there.

Overall, Frauenkirche was one of the more interesting churches I have been in.  It confirmed why I enjoy visiting churches.  You’ll never know what you’ll find.  The imagery teaches the theology.  What you see tells you a lot about what is believed.  Definitely worth a visit.