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This post is going to be about the importance of language and I’m going to use a controversial example.

I recently came across a video that studied the language of Donald Trump.  The maker of the video wanted to offer an explanation of why people liked him.  I think the analysis is pretty interesting.  I don’t buy into the notion that this is the only reason, but I will grant that I think the maker of the video has a point.  Watch the video – it’s 6:53, but well worth it.

The point is this – language matters.  It matters in politics and it matters in many other areas of life.  Today I want to focus on the church.  The words we use in church matter – this should not be a surprise.  There have been theological fights over specific words for centuries.  The stories behind the making of the creeds are epic.  People were declared heretics over words and their lives were ruined because of words and the ideas behind those words.

And today, words still matter.  Words convey outward expressions of what’s going on inside a person’s head, the culture and vision of an organization and the character of the person expressing them.

How we use words in church matters.  What are we expressing – a focus on decline and death, or a focus on the need for the message of the Gospel in the world that desperately needs hope.  Or something else?  You can tell a great deal about a person or organization or church based on the words they use.  The words are like crumbs that lead a person in a direction.  And you can tell what direction you are heading pretty quickly.

Words matter.  Use them wisely.