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When you go to a place like Dachau, you can’t help but feel a wave of emotions upon actually seeing the place and knowing what happened there.  And then you come upon something like this:

They don’t look like much.  They are maps – maps with the locations of all the concentration and death camps that were in place during World War II.  There are many in Germany of course, but also in several other countries, reaching all the way up to Estonia.

When you see a map like this, the thought finally comes to you – the horror that you witness at one camp is multiplied by the number of camps that existed.

But camps don’t just pop up out of no where.  They are just a symptom of evil that was allowed to grow.

Propaganda is another symptom.


The Nazis were experts at using propaganda.  They used it to support their efforts and to dehumanize their opponents.

They were going to make Germany great again.  And remove the Jews who were causing problems for the Germans.  And they were going to make other countries pay for the insults and problems they faced.  Their leaders had no problem telling it like it was – throwing red meat to the mindless crowd who were angry and wanted revenge.  Telling specific policy proposals would have stopped the train, so the leaders just talking in abstracts – insulting and dehumanizing opponents.

This wasn’t was the first time this type of evil showed up.  Nor would it be the last.

Oh humanity, why must we re-learn this lesson over and over and over again?