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After seeing the variety of people who came through Dachau, it was time to move to the so-called “health room.”


This is the room that prisoners would go to after they were registered for the camp.  They would be checked to see what their physical health was, make sure they didn’t have anything infectious – wouldn’t want death to come to in a chaotic manner.  The Nazis wanted to control how death came to prisoners.

The eerie part about this room are the squares in the arches.


a better look

There were beams that ran across the arches.  The beams were thick enough to hold the weight of human bodies.  There were occasions when prisoners would have their hands tied and a rope thrown over the bean so the prisoner would hang down from their hands – and they would be beaten.

Here’s a historical picture of what the room looked like when it was in use.


And yet there are people still today that deny that the Holocaust ever happened.  Shameful.

In this room there’s another torture device:


This is the actual table that was used to beat prisoners on in another way.  Prisoners would lay across it and be beaten with the stick.

Humanity can be cruel to itself.  And there are some who willingly go along with it, who buy the propaganda and the rhetoric.  The “logic,” if we can even call it that, was that the Nazis were going to make Germany great again by removing the problem people from society.  Worked out great didn’t it?  Yet, somehow humanity is so think in the head that we have to keep learning the same lessons again and again.  Thankfully, my hope is not in people, but rather, in God.  I pray for the people who put their hope in a politician, or worse – someone who only uses politics in order to gain absolute control.