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So I had just made my way back to Munich after a gut wrenching visit to Dachau.  I was thrust back in to modern reality – so to speak.

I was walking down Maximilianstrasse, one of the main streets in Munich.  I was enjoying myself and glad to be back from the pits of death at Dachau.


hmm, so very quiet.

I didn’t notice how quiet it was on this usually busy street.  Then I noticed some police officers on the intersections.  And I started to wonder – what’s going on?  The last thing you want is some kind of incident when you are traveling.  So I waited a little bit and then I saw this:


It was a line of police vehicles.  Now I was curious.  Some well dressed people came out of the jewelry store that was on the corner.  They looked excited to be standing on the corner looking at the police motorcade.   The motorcade kept going and growing.  Now I knew we were going to be treated to some kind of VIP.  The question was who.


I took a chance and asked my fellow onlookers what all the fuss was about.  Considering that the only German I know is how to wish someone a good day, to ask for a pint of beer please and where are the bathrooms (you know, all the essential phrases), I felt fortunate enough that these individuals spoke fluent English.  They told me that the Danish crown prince and princess were going to be passing by – there’s no way I would have understood all of that if they told me that in German.

Well, I had already invested this much time into standing there to see what all the fuss was, so I thought, what the heck, let’s see the prince and princess.  And then they passed by.


Ok, so have to take my word for it here – that’s them in the car and they are waving.  The picture didn’t really come out well.  However, the excited jewelry shop workers were frantically waving at the car and so I did as well.  We got a wave back with a smile, which was nice.

Here’s the funny thing – during the course of the day, the prince and princess and I crossed paths a total of three times.  It seems we had similar interests.  I couldn’t have come across them that many times if I had tried to plan it out.  I was hoping that by the third time we had gotten to know each other well enough that they could have given me a lift to my next location.  But alas, that didn’t happen.  They must have been on a tight schedule.