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Each presidential campaign has an official and some have unofficial campaign slogans.  It’s the phrase the candidate’s supporters are supposed to rally around.  A great deal of time and energy is spent coming up with the perfect slogan.  Candidates use these slogans on campaign material, yard signs, web sites, and in speeches.  Once decided, they are committed to them – there is no turning back.

Yesterday I decided to play with some of them.  What could be slogans I could get behind?  At first I thought of a few generic ones:

“Make America take a breath!” or maybe “Take back our insanity…please!”

Not very catchy, but I like the ideas behind them.

How about if we rewrote each candidate’s official or unofficial slogan.  Here’s what I came up with:

Clinton – Everyday Americans need someone who will leave them alone. I want to be that person.

Cruz – Reigniting the Sanity of America.

Kasich – Sanity for Us

Sanders – A political calmness is coming.

Trump – Make America Sane Again!

Then I got to thinking some more.  This is Holy Week.  Jesus comes riding into Jerusalem triumphantly.  People were waving palm branches.  If this were to happen in the 21st century, the palm branches would have been campaign signs (either the official printed kind or the ones that were hand made).  I started thinking, what would those signs say.  here’s what I came up with:

Everyday sinners need someone who can save them.  Christ is that person.

Reigniting the Kingdom of God

A spiritual revolution is coming

Christ for us all.

Make creation new again.

What are some slogans you can get behind – whether from a candidate or God?