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It seems like my very favorite parts of the trip to Munich centered on food.  This was true when we went to the famous Hofbräuhaus.  It’s like a mini version of the Oktoberfest, only inside a building, with fewer people and fewer drunk people.

They have Bavarian music playing…


And a great atmosphere…

And great food and beer…


We had a blast.

One of the fun things that happens at a beer house in Munich is the seating arrangement at the table.  You sit on long benches.  It inevitably forces you to talk with your neighbors. Benches make friendship and discussion easy while chairs are like fiefdoms around a table – protecting you from others.

We struck up a conversation with the people sitting at our table.  There were two couples there, one a German couple who lives in Germany, but works in Switzerland and the other couple was from somewhere else and were dating – two medical professionals.  The topics ranged and the beer flowed and food was great and music played on.  But more importantly, the sense of humanity and pleasantness was present.  Maybe it was an example of what heaven is like.