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There’s nothing like standing right in front of the Nymphenberg Palace.  It’s incredibly beautiful.


But it’s beauty that is almost the exact opposite of nature, making it an unnatural beauty.


Nymphenberg if beautiful because of it’s completely controlled look and structure.  Everything was put in it’s place by humanity for a specific reason.  Things are symmetrical, and controlled.  It’s beautiful to the eye.

Nature is beautiful because of it’s apparent chaotic nature – or at least it appears that way to our human eye.  Yet in the chaos, there is structure – it’s just not something we could ever create.  Things grow where they will, animals go where they will.  Clouds come and go as the wind blows them.  The rains come and go.  The sun is seen or not. And the beauty that we see in nature is like a snowflake – no two moments in nature will ever be the same, for nature is always changing.