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Nymphenburg Palace, as I have stated before, is gorgeous and full of wonderful art.


Looking very much in charge, isn’t he?

Everything is in it’s perfect place.  Everything gives the appearance of perfection.  In fact, what’s more perfect than angels, right?


Perfect, perfect, perfect…


Full of beauty…

And yet, as I continued through the palace, it all seems to wash into itself.  There is such a things as too perfect.  Things that are just sooooo controlled there any movement will destroy the perfection.

One of the things that bothered me while at Nymphenburg was the “guards.” They watch over the art.  But really, they are watching the people looking at the art.  They have no problem doing their job and it seemed that some of these guards took great pleasure in telling visitors what they could not do.  Once a house of royalty, always a house of royalty.  The commoners had better watch out, they will mess up the perfection that has been created.

The problem with perfection is that it’s deadly.  In order to remain perfect, nothing can move, there can be no variation.  There can be no interaction with people – only the divine.  The problem with that is that situations change and people are part of the picture.