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The garden at Nymphenburg is really quite beautiful.  When you hit the main section of the garden, you come come across statues.  They are really quite interesting statues actually.

Take this gem for example:


I’m so hungry I could eat a child…

All of the statues come from Greek and Roman theology.  Which says a great deal about the royalty who lived here, what they thought of themselves and how they viewed power.


That may sound like an unfair judgement.  Maybe it is, but when I walk through the palace and the gardens and I keep seeing mythological gods, I have to assume the mythology has some kind of influence on the person living there.


The point is this:  The kings and emperors thought of themselves as touched by divinity.  Roman and Greek gods were much better for this belief because these gods are more concerned with power and messing with humanity than other “gods” or God.  This idea gives one a divine right to do whatever you want. Of course this was the case in Christianity too for so long – and it was just as misguided and caused plenty of suffering as well.