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We live in a crazy world.  I know, shocking right?  It’s really easy to get down – just turn on the TV or check out your social media feed for about five minutes and see how you feel.

It can leave you yelling to God saying “what the hell is going on?  Nothing makes sense anymore!”

Last night was one of those moments for me.  There’s an easy identification for that – politics.  These are the people we have to chose from for this election?  Seriously?  Please tell me that it is just a cruel April fool’s joke that is lasting the whole month.  I registered into a political party last month so I could vote this month in the primary.  I can’t wait.  Not because I’m excited to vote though.  I can’t wait to re-register as an independent so I don’t feel dirty and disgusting by being affiliated with a party any longer.

Last night I had on the radio and was flipping through the stations when I came across a preacher who was going full steam on the Rapture.  We have a book study going on “The Rapture Exposed.” It’s a great book and pretty much rips apart the Rapture as completely made up.  I heard the same tired argument in favor of Rapture as I had many times, yet with knowledge from this book, I saw right through the arguments of the pastor.  Oh how much bad theology exists out there – and people listen to it.

I found myself at Walmart last night because we needed some things and it was the closest option.  I wandered through the book section to see what was available.  There were plenty of fiction titles, which is fine. The majority were some kind of weird Amish love story books.

When I came to the non-fiction, here’s some of what I found – several Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer books.  I also found a couple of John Hagee books (including the Four Blood Moons – a book that predicted the end of the world to happen a few months ago, but obviously never happened).  It was available at full price still.  You’d think that a book so wrong would either be deeply discounted or in the trash where it belongs.  Nope.  So much bad theology available to so many people who will willingly pay money.  Yikes!

We’re up against a lot here folks.  It’s not that the church is persecuted in America, it’s that the church is up against a ton of ignorance and really bad theology – all done in God’s name.

When you I hit moments like that, sometimes I just need to hit a pause button so I can reset myself and keep going.

Last night I was given that opportunity.  I came home after dark.  It was one of those still, calm nights.   I got out of the car saying to God – “What the hell is going on?”  God’s really good at listening and giving a person exactly what they need. In that moment, God gave me what I needed – a moment.  A moment to vent and a moment to see the only thing that made sense at that time – quiet nature.  The sky was clear and I could see so many stars.  It took me to a place of awesomeness.  It was quiet – not a sound of any human or vehicle to be heard. What I did hear was the sound of nature – a horse neighing, some birds chirping and the small sound of soft wind going past my ear.  I was in the presence of beauty.

It was a moment I needed.  Thank you God.  I have a feeling I’m going to need more of these moments.