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After going to the Johnstown Flood National Memorial, we made our way down to the city of Johnstown.  We found the cemetery were many of the victims are buried.


There’s a large monument to the victims.


And rows and rows of what are now unlabeled plots.  These were the unidentified victims.


It’s a bit eerie. But it also shows the impact of the flood.  It swept away many lives, unnamed lives, so quickly.

The irony of this cemetery is that it sits high atop a hill that, when you drive just a short distance to the East, overlooks the city from high above.

But until you get to the edge to look over the renewed city, you are left with unlabeled graves.


I think part of what is bothersome about this cemetery plot is the fear we all face – that after a few generations, most of us will be forgotten.  Even the plots that are have a name are really forgotten – sure there is name on them, but no one alive knows anything about the person who lived.